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The spring Salon will open on Friday May 6 and will run throughout the month of May. The Salon will exhibit new works of 40 leading artists. Among which- objects by Itamar Gilboa from his much talked about- Food Chain Project, Manipulated photography by the German artist Matthias Jung, a new and surprising body of work by the Rappaport prize winner Yifat Bezalel and a chocolate instillation by Nancy Pomargine that was created especially for the Salon (inspired by the beautiful works of Ayelet Carmi). Participants: Boaz Aharonovitch, Ophra Eyal, Aline Alagem, Leatitia Boulud, Yoel Gilinsky, Itamar Gilboa, Rea Ben David, Yifat Bezalel, Ran Barlev, Guy Goldstein, Efrat Galnoor, Aran Singer, Shira Zelwer, Dana Yoeli, Gal Cohen, Gilad Kahana, Ayelet Carmi, Rubi Llebovitch, Neta Lieber Sheffer, Ohad Matalon, Naomi Mendel, Ido Markus, Tsachi Nevo, Boaz Noy, Tal Frank, Nancy Pomargine, Ronen Sharabani, Gabriela Schutz, Guy Shoham, Sivan Sterenbach, Itamar Shimshony, Keren Shpilsher, Tamir Sher and Racheli Sharpstein 31 Neve Reim St., Ramat-Hasharon Friday 6.5 9:00-14:00 Saturday 7.5 10:00-17:00 Sunday 8.5 10:00-14:00 Closing Friday May 20th
|Itamar Gilboa|Matthias Jung|Ido Markus
Itamar Gilboa
Matthias Jung
Ido Markus