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Zion Baruch is showing his first solo exhibition: "My Sister, My Bride". Baruch, who is publically known for being a successful comedian and actor, is proving an outstanding skills as a painter. During the last two years he created a series of impressing and touching pieces of work. Without being aware of the realism or the hyperrealism movements, and free from any rules of normal perspective- he began painting. His last series of work are based on the Japanese Blythe doll and the Russian Cheburashka doll. The exhibition presents during October in a beautiful venue in Sarona center in Tel Aviv.
|Aloush, acrylic on canvas|Dodo, acrylic on canvas|Gold Cheburashka, clay and gold glaz
Aloush, acrylic on canvas
Dodo, acrylic on canvas
Gold Cheburashka, clay and gold glaz