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Efrat Galnoor at the Ein Harod Museum of Art

Efrat Galnoor presents the solo exhibition 'Nymphs' at the Ein Harod Museum of Art. In the exhibition, Galnoor examines the spatial relations that occupied Claude Monet in his drawings of water lilies. Galnoor reconstructs Mona's original composition but reduces the flowers to circles. The Museum of Art, Ein Harod, until 3.5.17 .

Gaston Zvi Ickowicz at the Jewish Museum in Amsterdam

In the Jewish Museum in Amsterdam, Gaston Zvi Itzkovitz presents a series of photographs alongside the painter Moshe Kupferman. The exhibition exposes two perspectives of representatives from two generations. Gaston, with his realistic gaze, presents images of Israel, enigmatic and subject to interpretation. Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam .

Netta Lieber Sheffer and Yair Barak joint exhibition

a joint exhibition for Yair Barak and Netta Lieber Sheffer 'Ghost Valley' will exhibit charcoal and graphite drawings by Lieber Sheffer from the past year and photographs by Yair Barak taken in Istanbul. The dialogue between Barak and Lieber Sheffer is dealing with elements of time, exhaustion and beauty. The Lobby - a Place for Art, Arlozorov 6, Tel Aviv. p>

Mellow Pop Yifat Bezalel

In her solo show 'Mellow Pop' Bezalel deepens her interest in stretching the limits of draftsmanship. She is combining techniques from the graffiti world and the classical drawing process. In November 2017, Bezalel's solo exhibition will be held at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art as part of the prestigious Rappaport Prize. Mellow Pop, Lexus Art Gallery, Karlibach 37, Tel Aviv. p>

Ronen shaharabani at the Nahum Gutman Museum

The Nahum Gutman Museum presents Ronen Sharabani's solo show 'Snap to Grid'. Sharabani, one of Israel's leading video artists, aspires to create a sculptural environment in a virtual world and provides viewers with a mesmerizing experience.

Nahum Gutman Museum, Shimon Rokach 21, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv, until 23.4
group show at the Haifa Museum

'Rock-Paper-Scissors' - featuring artists Guy Shoham, Shira Zelvar, Keren Shpilsher, Itamar Shimshony and Ophra Eyal – examines the connection between play and art, and play as a basic human and sensory experience. In the photo: Ophra Eyal's installation view. p>

Yifat Bezalel

Congratulations to Yifat Bezalel on winning the Rappaport Prize for a young artist! In her works over the years Bezalel consistently exuberates virtuosic drawing and emotional depth. As part of the prize, Bezalel will exhibit a solo exhibition accompanied by a catalog in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Shira Zelwer in a group exhibition in Herman Shtruk Museum in Haifa

As part of the exhibition 'Honoré Daumier : between romantic pathos and social criticism' Zelwer exhibits five of her works that deal with the distortions tarnishing modern society. Curator: Svetlana Reingold Hermann Struck Museum, Haifa Runs through August 5th

Ohad Matalon in a group exhibition at Podbielski Contemporary

Marking the fifth anniversary of the gallery, the gallery is holding a group exhibition entitled 'Utopia'. As its name, the exhibition reflects the gallery's philosophy- art as the last place where you are still free to dream of a better world. As part of the exhibition Matalon gives us an explicit reading of Israel’s dream come true. Podbielski Contemporary Berlin Runs through April 16th

Boaz Aharonovitch in a solo exhibition at the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art
In his show 'Pale Blue Dot' Aharonovitch presents a unique and innovative photographic language, one which he has developed over the past several years. The exhibition deals with vision and the inability to see. Curator: Orit Bulgaru Tel Aviv Museum of Art Runs through MAy 28th
Gabriela Schutz is shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize, 2015
Schutz has been selected to be nominated for the prestigious Jerwood prize for her work; 'Blog'. The Jerwood Drawing Prize is the largest and longest running annual open exhibition for drawing in the UK. The work is available for viewing at the exhibition at the Jerwood Space from September 16th and after that in other venues in the UK. 171 Union Street, London SE1 0LN.
Boaz Aharonovitch at the Beijing Biennale

Boaz Aharonovitch has been selected to take part in The 'Unfamiliar Asia' exhibition; part of the 2nd Biennale for Contemporary Photography at the CAFA Art Museum in Beijing. He was selected among many contemporary emerging photographers to both exhibit and lecture about his work. The exhibition was curated by Nili Goren. Running from October 15th and until November 26th, 2015

Yifat Bezalel with a new exhibition at The Negev Museum of Art
The Negev Museum of Art is hosting an exciting new exhibition - 'Without Flour' curated by Marie Shek. In this exhibition four female artists bring to the fore ideas from a feminine, traditional and cultural perspective. Yifat Bezalel invites the visitors to take a stroll in the shrine of the virtual Temple, thus bringing them closer to the Holy of Holies. Her installations aspires to reconstruct an archaic state within the present moment, from which the artist draws strength to create spiritual art. The flour involves that which is unfathomable - the sublime - as the driving force behind creation. Running from September 8th and until December 26th, 2015.
Assaf Evron: solo exhibition 'The Sea Was Smooth, Perfectly Mirroring The Sky' at the Andrea Meislin gallery in New York

Lending from a variety of disparate topics, Assaf Evron’s work investigates the deceptive nature of vision and the ways in which it influences social structures. Positioned between the abstract and the figurative, Evron’s work employs a photographic logic on three-dimensional objects, exploring a space that lies between perception and its rationalization.

Gaston Zvi Ickowicz: solo exhibition 'Everyday ceremonies' at The Hezi Cohen Gallery

In this show Ickowicz presents an ambitious video installation on which he worked for the last 2 years. The video shows people from East Jerusalem walking to the National Insurance office in Jerusalem and back to their homes. Everyday routine in which embedded the unbearable political and social situation. January 2015 Tel Aviv, Israel

Itamar Shimshony solo show " MasterChat at the Artists Workshop in Jerusalem
MasterChat is Itamar Shimshony's new project to which he invited four Israeli painters – Yair Garbuz, Miriam Cabessa, Yitzhak Livneh, and Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi – for a series of online conversations. The four painters, who belong to different generations and work in different styles, were documented chatting online with each other. They talked about the medium of painting in technical, emotional, intellectual and political contexts, about art and life. Following the conversations, Shimshony created a painting based on the artists' chats. Curator: Maayan Shelf May, 2015
Shira Zelwer has been invited to the prestigious Cite' residency in Paris, France
Following a long and careful sorting, Zelwer has been selected along with four other Israeli artists to be part of the Cite residency which will commence on August, 2015.
Yair Barak and Boaz Aharonovitch in a group show at 'Kav 16'
The group show Index, curated by Ravit Harari, is dealing with the changing value of the printed book in the digital age, as well as the book itself as an individual object and a space of visions. Curator: Ravit Harari April, 2015 Tel Aviv, Israel
Guy Shoham in a new exhibition entitled Bounds

The Dou exhibition which opened in London on 7.11 is a collaboration between the Yemeni artist, Tasleem Mulhall and Guy Shoham, whose current body of work deals with subversion and breaking the boundaries of the medium. Shoham focuses on objects of low aesthetic and materialistic value and turns them to be desirable with artist value.

Nov 7th

Ohad Matalon with a solo exhibition entitled "photo Op"

Ohad Matalon with a solo exhibition at the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art. The exhibition will open with empty walls. Photograph that will be created during the exhibition will be printed and hanged in the exhibition space in front of visitors.
Initial work will be created and will be displayed during the opening night.
The exhibition will change daily, and in January will be a festive closing event during which the exhibition catalog will be launched.

Curator: Nili Goren

Nov. 13th
Tel Aviv Museum of Art

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